12th of June, 2020

Here are some facts about this particular date:

  • What Day: The 12th of June, 2020, will fall on a Friday.
  • On this exact date: The 2020 UEFA European Championship begins.
  • Decade: 2020s.
  • 9 months and 21 days will pass between now and the 12th of June, 2020.
  • Week Number: This date will occur during Week 24 of 2020.
  • Day 164 of 2020.
  • Leap Year: 2020 will be a leap year, which means that it will have 366 days instead of 365 (extra day in February).
  • Zodiac Sign (Astrology): Anyone born on this date will have the star sign Gemini.
  • Zodiac Element: Air.
  • Chinese Zodiac Animal: In the Chinese Zodiac, 2020 will be the year of the Rat (Yang Wood).
  • Native American Zodiac: The 12th of June, 2020 falls under the Deer.
  • Birthstone: Anyone born during the month of June will have the birthstones Pearl and Alexandrite.
  • American Format: 06-12-2020 (the MDY format is also used in Belize).
  • YMD Format: 2020-06-12. This format is often used by software applications, simply because numbers such as "20200612" are easier to sort.
  • Unix Timestamp: The Unix Timestamp for this date is 1591916400.

Conception Dates

Interesting facts about conception dates.

  • If your baby is due on the 12th of June, 2020, then the date of conception was probably around the 3rd of September, 2019. (Rough Estimate).
  • A baby that is conceived on the 12th of June, 2020, will be due on the 22nd of March, 2021. (Rough Estimate).

On This Date

Historical events that have occurred on the 12th of June:

  • 12th of June, 1967: The U.S. Supreme Court declares all state laws prohibiting interracial marriage to be unconstitutional
  • 12th of June, 1991: Boris Yeltsin is elected President of Russia.
  • 12th of June, 1994: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are both murdered. O.J. Simpson is eventually charged with the crime
  • 12th of June, 2016: An Islamic terrorist called Omar Mateen opens fire and kills 49 people in Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.
  • 12th of June, 1987: The film Predator (1987) is released in movie theaters.
  • 12th of June, 2001: The song "Family Affair" is released by Mary J. Blige.
  • 12th of June, 2004: The 2004 UEFA European Championship kicks off in Portugal.
  • 12th of June, 2008: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is released on the PlayStation.
  • 12th of June, 2014: The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Brazil.
  • 12th of June, 2015: The release date of the movie Jurassic World.

Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrities and historical figures that were born on the 12th of June:


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Time Difference & Statistics

Here are some fun statistics about the 12th of June, 2020.

  • 294 days will pass between now and the 12th of June, 2020.
  • 25,401,600 seconds will pass between now and the 12th of June, 2020.
  • Between now and then, your heart will beat 29,635,200 times.
  • Between now and the 12th of June, 2020, earth will travel approximately 13,107,225,600 miles through space.
  • Between now and then, your eyes will blink 4,233,600 times.
  • Between now and then, you will take 2,184,538 steps. That's about 971 miles!
  • 304,819 meteors will enter the earth's atmosphere between now and then!


Time for a quick language lesson! The word for "Friday" in other languages is:

  • German: Freitag.
  • French: Vendredi.
  • Italian: Venerdi.
  • Spanish: Viernes.
  • Portuguese: Sexta-feira.


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