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Laura Bloggs <LauraBloggs>

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"Create your own path, be yourself, and strive to make a difference."

Bonjour my peeps, welcome to my bebo site! i have been referred to as a crazy girl, pretty much by anyone i meet i love clubbing and a drinkin wit ma mates, listenin to tunes and all dat. i am currently working at xtra vision and enjoying life!

msn: [email protected] no weirdoes fank u very much

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Female 22
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2157 times 2 hours
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mind ur buziness x
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The Other Half Of Me
Ray Murphy <raymurphy87>
The bane of my life

eminem, timbaland, dj sammy, rihanna, 50 cent, the game, ne-yo, justin timberlake, sean paul, nelly, mario, ciara, lots of stuff :-)
10 things i hate about you, legally blonde, love actually, 8 mile, dirty dancing, ghost
fat frogs!
Scared Of
oh god everything haha, spiders and clowns, and the possibility of a global financial crisis that will shatter an entire generation's hopes and dreams... but that hasn't happened since the 1930s haha
Happiest When
Partying, and hanging out wit my mates! And travelling...

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truth hurts
but ur alright i guess
Ray Murphy <raymurphy87> 2 Replies
Us when we heard the news
Lisa Walsh <infectioussmiles> 1 Reply


Kate Byrne <kate0704>

Just thought I'd make a post to let you know I'm on the phone to you right now. God you're boring me Ha! What's going on - my Bebo site is rubbish. I haven't put enough random stuff on there yet. All my fecking camera photos are too big and i need to resize them. ahhh, you get quite a few characters here, I could carry on talking crap for ages. I won't though; need to make my bed.

Come to Bray again some time and we have drinks

anywho bye bye x
1 day ago
Emma Wilson <sassychik21XxX>
Great comment!! haha. Dunno what is happening with my msn it doesn't seem to be working. we went to see v for vendetta in the cinema but i wasn't that mad on it. how about you?
Ems xx
2 days ago
Patrick Cullen <cullywully>
i was talking to craig last week, we're goin to oxegen in july to see the red hot chilli peppers if he can get time off work. tell amanda we can get her an extra ticket. i know a guy who knows a guy
1 week ago
Natalie Kehoe <Natblieveitstrue>
that does not make any sense to me you silly billy

by the way, take the new quiz on my bebo
2 weeks ago
Natalie Kehoe <Natblieveitstrue>
george bush innit x
3 weeks ago
Lisa Walsh <infectioussmiles>
Hello gorjus! Did I leave my camera in yours?! OMG I was so drunk. I can't remember a thing lolz. Crazy night!!!
3 weeks ago
Lisa Walsh <infectioussmiles>
You in work today? Need to rent a few films to keep myself sane this weekend.
4 weeks ago
Lisa Walsh <infectioussmiles>
Craig said it yesterday. I think he was drunk haha
4 weeks ago
Emma Wilson <sassychik21XxX>
You heading out this weekend you mad thing??! Add my msn it's [email protected]
PS: I love the new poll
4 weeks ago

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