David Huffman


Born on May 10, 1945.
Died at the age of 39 on February 27, 1985.
Cause of Death: Fatally stabbed by a suspected burglar.

David Huffman
He has been dead for 38 years.
If he were still alive today, he would be 78 years old.

People who died in 1985.
Famous people who were murdered.

Which generation did David Huffman belong to?

David Huffman was a part of the Baby Boomer demographic cohort.

What was he known for?

He was an American actor and producer who starred in a number of movies and television series.

Which star sign was David Huffman?

He had the star sign Taurus.

Life Path Number

His Life Path Number was 7.

How old would David Huffman be now?

If he were still alive today, he would be 78 years old.

That means that he'd be roughly the same age as the following people:

Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend

Born on May 19, 1945
Star Sign: Taurus

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley

Born on May 24, 1945
Star Sign: Gemini

How many years ago did he die?

He died 38 years, 9 months, and 11 days ago.

What day of the week was he born on?

He was born on a Thursday.

What day of the week did he die on?

He died on a Wednesday.

How long ago did David Huffman die?

He died in February 1985, which was over 38 years ago. Three decades have passed since his death.

To put that into perspective.

  • A baby that was born on the day of his death has grown up, finished school, finished college, started a career and has their own children by now.
  • Since David Huffman's death in 1985, roughly nine FIFA World Cups have taken place. Furthermore, around ten US presidential elections have been held.
  • Since his death, the United States has had six new presidents.
  • The United Kingdom has had eight new prime ministers.
  • When David Huffman died, the Soviet Union still existed.
  • Because he died in 1985, it means that he probably never heard of famous names such as Bon Jovi, Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp, and Guns N' Roses.
  • Because his death occurred in February 1985, it means that he never got to see popular movies such as Back to the Future and Top Gun.

Other people who died around February 27, 1985

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Kiki Camarena

DEA agent Deceased
Died on February 9, 1985
Died at the age of 37
Star Sign: Leo

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