Elvis Presley


Born on January 8, 1935.
Died at the age of 42 on August 16, 1977.
Cause of Death: Heart attack.

Elvis Presley
He has been dead for 46 years.
If he were still alive today, he would be 89 years old.

People who died in 1977.
Famous people who died from a heart attack.

Which generation did Elvis Presley belong to?

Elvis Presley was a part of the Silent Generation demographic cohort.

"But I thought he was a boomer?!"

Elvis Presley was not a boomer. The boomer generation started in 1945, whereas he was born in 1935.

That is a 10 year difference!

The "boomer" label is often applied to older people by mistake.

What was he known for?

He was a rock and roll singer who is widely regarded as one of the biggest cultural icons of all time.

What were his nicknames?

His nicknames / aliases were: "The King of Rock and Roll"

Which star sign was Elvis Presley?

He had the star sign Capricorn.

Life Path Number

His Life Path Number was 9.

How tall was he?

Elvis Presley was around 6 foot tall. In centimeters, his height was 182 cm.

This means that he was noticeably taller than the average American male.

See also: Celebrities who are 6 foot.


He has been in relationships with the following people:

How old would Elvis Presley be now?

If he were still alive today, he would be 89 years old.

That means that he'd be roughly the same age as the following people:

Judi Dench

Judi Dench

Born on December 9, 1934
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith

Born on December 28, 1934
Star Sign: Capricorn

How many years ago did he die?

He died 46 years, 6 months, and 16 days ago.

What day of the week was he born on?

He was born on a Tuesday.

What day of the week did he die on?

He died on a Tuesday.

How long ago did Elvis Presley die?

He died in August 1977, which was over 46 years ago. Four decades have passed since his death.

To put that into perspective.

  • A baby that was born on the day of his death has grown up, finished school, finished college, started a career and has their own children by now.
  • Since Elvis Presley's death in 1977, roughly eleven FIFA World Cups have taken place. Furthermore, around twelve US presidential elections have been held.
  • Since his death, the United States has had seven new presidents.
  • The United Kingdom has had nine new prime ministers.
  • When Elvis Presley died, the Soviet Union still existed.
  • Because he died in 1977, it means that he probably never heard of famous names such as Prince, U2, Princess Diana, Robin Williams, and Danny DeVito.
  • He did not live long enough to see the film Grease.

Other people who died around August 16, 1977

Celebrities and other notable figures who died around the same time as Elvis Presley.

Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan

Musician Deceased
Died on Sep 16, 1977, at the age of 29.
Star Sign: Libra

People who are taller than him

Celebrities and other figures who are slightly taller than him.

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale

Welsh soccer player
Born on July 16, 1989
Height: 1.85m / 6 ft 1 inches

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

American actor
Born on June 1, 1937
Height: 1.88m / 6 ft 2 inches

Diego Costa

Diego Costa

Soccer player
Born on October 7, 1988
Height: 1.88m / 6 ft 2 inches

People who are shorter than him

Celebrities and other figures who are slightly shorter than him.

Cheick Tioté

Cheick Tioté

Ivorian footballer Deceased
Born on June 21, 1986
Height: 1.80m / 5 ft 11 inches



BTS member
Born on September 12, 1994
Height: 1.81m / 5 ft 11 inches

Vinnie Hacker

Vinnie Hacker

TikTok star
Born on July 14, 2002
Height: 1.81m / 5 ft 11 inches

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