James Franco

American actor.

Born on April 19, 1978.
43 years old.

James Franco

Which generation does James Franco belong to?

James Franco belongs to the Generation X demographic cohort.

Which star sign is James Franco?

James Franco is an Aries.

Life Path Number.

This person's Life Path Number is 3.

What age will they be in 2021?

This person turned 43 in April of 2021.

When will James Franco turn 50?

James Franco will turn 50 years old on April 19th, 2028. That's roughly 6 years and 9 months from now.

What day of the week were they born on?

This person was born on a Wednesday.

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Born on March 27th, 1978
Star Sign: Aries

Carles Puyol

Spanish soccer player.
Born on April 13th, 1978
Star Sign: Aries

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