April 25th, 1947.

April 25th, 1947, was a Friday. It was day 115 of 1947. The decade was the 1940s.

74 years, 2 months and 29 days have passed since April 25th, 1947.

The zodiac star sign for this date is Taurus.

Born on April 25th, 1947.

People who were born on this exact date.

Basic facts.

Basic facts and information about this date.

  • 74 years, 2 months and 29 days have passed since April 25th, 1947.
  • Week Number: This date occurred during Week 17 of 1947.
  • Leap Year: 1947 was NOT a leap year.
  • Age: Anyone born on April 25th, 1947, will be 74 years of age.
  • Generation: People born in 1947 belong to the Baby Boomer generation.

Around this time.

Notable events that occurred around April 25th, 1947.

  • April 7th, 1947: American industrialist Henry Ford dies at the age of 83.
  • April 15th, 1947: Baseball player Jackie Robinson breaks the "color barrier" by making his major league debut.
  • This date: April 25th, 1947

Personality traits.

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Horoscope, birthstone & birth flower information.

Zodiac & Birthstone information.

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  • Zodiac Sign (Astrology): Anyone born on April 25th, 1947, will have the star sign Taurus.
  • However, if you are going by the new star sign system that was discovered in 2020, then the sign for this date is actually Aries.
  • Zodiac Element: Earth.
  • Chinese Zodiac Animal: In the Chinese Zodiac, 1947 was the year of the Pig (Yin Wood).
  • The Life Path Number for this date is 5.
  • Native American Zodiac: April 25th, 1947 falls under the Beaver.
  • Birthstone: Anyone born during the month of April will have the birthstone Diamond.
  • Birth flower (April): The Daisy and the Sweet Pea.

Kid's TV shows on April 25th, 1947.

Children's cartoons and Teen TV shows that were being aired on this date in 1947.

  • Tom and Jerry
  • Looney Tunes

Were you born on this date?

If you were born on this date, then it is unlikely that you will remember anything from the year 1947.

This is because humans find it difficult to retrieve memories from their early childhood.

If you are looking for some childhood nostalgia, then check out April 25th, 1953 instead.

Celebrity birthdays.

Celebrities, historical figures and other notable people who were born on April 25th.

Oliver Cromwell

English political leader. Deceased
Born on April 25th, 1599
He was not alive on this date.

Al Pacino

Born on April 25th, 1940
He turned 7 on this day in 1947.

David Moyes

Soccer manager.
Born on April 25th, 1963
He was born exactly 16 years after this date.

Renée Zellweger

Born on April 25th, 1969
She was born exactly 22 years after this date.

Raphaël Varane

Soccer player.
Born on April 25th, 1993
He was born exactly 46 years after this date.


National holidays and famous events that fall on the 25th of April.

  • Anzac Day (New Zealand)

US President.

Harry S. Truman was the President of the United States on April 25th, 1947.

UK Prime Minister.

Clement Attlee was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on April 25th, 1947.

Irish Taoiseach.

Éamon de Valera was the Taoiseach of Ireland.

Conception dates.

Conception estimates for this date.

  • A baby that was born on April 25th, 1947 was most likely conceived around the 16th of July, 1946.
  • The due date for a baby that was conceived on April 25th, 1947 is close to the 2nd of February, 1948.

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Time difference & statistics.

Here are some fun statistics about April 25th, 1947.

  • A total of 27,119 days have passed since this date.
  • 3,874 weeks have passed.
  • 2,343,081,600 seconds have passed since the April 25th, 1947.
  • If you were born on this day, your heart has beated approximately 2,733,595,200 times.
  • Since April 25th, 1947, the earth has travelled approximately 1,209,030,105,600 miles through space.
  • If you were born on this day, your eyes have blinked approximately 390,513,600 times.
  • If you were born on this day, you have taken approximately 201,505,018 steps. That's about 89,558 miles!
  • Since this date, 28,116,979 meteors have entered the earth's atmosphere!

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