Thomas Edison


Born on February 11, 1847.
Died at the age of 84 on October 18, 1931.
Cause of Death: Complications of diabetes.

Thomas Edison
He has been dead for 91 years.
People who died in 1931.

What was he known for?

He was an American inventor, scientist, and businessman who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including electric power generation and the motion picture camera. Edison is credited with developing the first practical incandescent light bulb and the phonograph; he holds over 1000 patents across a wide range of technologies, primarily related to electric power and lighting, telegraphy, and telephony. He is often referred to as "the Wizard of Menlo Park" and is considered to be one of the most influential inventors in history.

Which star sign was Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison had the star sign Aquarius.

Life Path Number.

His Life Path Number was 6.

How tall was he?

Thomas Edison was around 5 ft 10 inches tall. In centimeters, his height was 178 cm.

Statistically speaking, this means that he was slightly taller than the average American male. However, he was not tall by conventional standards.

In other words, he didn't stand out as being particularly tall.

See also: Celebrities who are 5 ft 10 inches.

How many years ago did he die?

He died 91 years, 7 months, and 17 days ago.

What day of the week was he born on?

He was born on a Thursday.

What day of the week did he die on?

He died on a Sunday.

How long ago did Thomas Edison die?

He died in October 1931, which was over 91 years ago. Nine decades have passed since his death. That's nearly a full century.

To put that into perspective.

  • Since Thomas Edison's death in 1931, roughly twenty-two FIFA World Cups have taken place. Furthermore, around twenty-three US presidential elections have been held.
  • Since his death, the United States has had fifteen new presidents.
  • The United Kingdom has had twenty-one new prime ministers.

Other people who were born around February 11, 1847.

Celebrities and other notable figures who were born around the same time as Thomas Edison.

Alexander Graham Bell

Inventor. Deceased
Born on March 3rd, 1847
Star Sign: Pisces

People who are the same height as Thomas Edison.

Celebrities and other notable figures who are exactly the same height as him.


Born on April 16th, 1973
Height: 1.78m / 5 ft 10 inches

Roy Keane

Irish soccer player.
Born on August 10th, 1971
Height: 1.78m / 5 ft 10 inches

Gary Speed

Soccer manager. Deceased
Born on September 8th, 1969
Height: 1.78m / 5 ft 10 inches

Jude Law

Born on December 29th, 1972
Height: 1.78m / 5 ft 10 inches

People who are taller than him.

Celebrities and other figures who are slightly taller than him.

Mike Sorrentino

Television personality.
Born on July 4th, 1982
Height: 1.80m / 5 ft 11 inches

Ann Coulter

American media pundit.
Born on December 8th, 1961
Height: 1.83m / 6 foot

Shane Lynch

Born on July 3rd, 1976
Height: 1.82m / 6 foot

Ian McKellen

Born on May 25th, 1939
Height: 1.80m / 5 ft 11 inches

Frank Lampard

Soccer player.
Born on June 20th, 1978
Height: 1.84m / 6 foot

Jules Bianchi

French race car driver. Deceased
Born on August 3rd, 1989
Height: 1.79m / 5 ft 10 inches

People who are shorter than him.

Celebrities and other figures who are slightly shorter than him.

Bam Margera

Television personality.
Born on September 28th, 1979
Height: 1.73m / 5 ft 8 inches

Randy Jackson

Bassist / Television personality.
Born on June 23rd, 1956
Height: 1.73m / 5 ft 8 inches

Ice Cube

Rapper / Actor.
Born on June 15th, 1969
Height: 1.73m / 5 ft 8 inches

Tracy Morgan

Born on November 10th, 1968
Height: 1.74m / 5 ft 9 inches

Heidi Klum

German model.
Born on June 1st, 1973
Height: 1.76m / 5 ft 9 inches

Mary Scheer

Born on March 19th, 1963
Height: 1.73m / 5 ft 8 inches

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