Marcus Rashford

Soccer player

Born on October 31, 1997.
26 years old.

Marcus Rashford

Which generation does Marcus Rashford belong to?

Marcus Rashford belongs to the Gen-Z demographic cohort.

What is he known for?

He is an English forward who plays for Manchester United.

Which star sign is Marcus Rashford?

He is a Scorpio.

Life Path Number

His Life Path Number is 4.

How tall is he?

Marcus Rashford is about 5 ft 11 inches tall. That is 180 in cm or 1.80 in meters.

Statistically speaking, this means that he is slightly taller than the average American male. However, he is not tall by conventional standards.

In other words, he doesn't stand out as being particularly tall.

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What age will he be in 2024?

He will turn 27 years old in October of 2024.

When will he turn 30?

He will turn 30 years old on October 31, 2027. That's roughly 3 years and 6 months from now.

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What day of the week was he born on?

He was born on a Friday.

When did Rashford make his debut for Manchester United?

Rashford made his senior debut on February 25, 2016 during a Europa League game against Midtjylland. That was over 8 years ago.

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