October 20th, 2020

October 20th, 2020, will fall on a Tuesday. It was day 294 of 2020. The decade was the 2020s.

Basic Facts

Basic facts and information about this date:

  • 2 months and 7 days will pass between now and October 20th, 2020.
  • Week Number: This date will occur during Week 43 of 2020.
  • Leap Year: 2020 is a leap year, which means that it will have 366 days instead of 365 (with an extra day in February).
  • Unix Timestamp: The Unix Timestamp for this date is 1603148400.

Around This Time...

Notable events that occurred around October 20th, 2020:

Horoscopes & Birthstone Information

Zodiac & Birthstone information:

  • Zodiac Sign (Astrology): Anyone born on October 20th, 2020, will have the star sign Libra.
  • However, if you are going by the new star sign system (2020), then the sign for this date is actually Virgo.
  • Zodiac Element: Air.
  • Chinese Zodiac Animal: In the Chinese Zodiac, 2020 is the year of the Rat (Yang Wood).
  • Native American Zodiac: October 20th, 2020 falls under the Raven.
  • Birthstone: Anyone born during the month of October will have the birthstones Tourmaline and Opal.

2020 - Toys & Games

Toys and games that would have been popular on this date in 2020:

  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4

Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrities and historical figures that were born on the 20th of October:

Conception Dates

Interesting facts about conception dates.

  • If your baby is due on October 20th, 2020, then the date of conception was probably around the 11th of January, 2020. (Rough Estimate).
  • A baby that is conceived on October 20th, 2020, will be due on the 30th of July, 2021. (Rough Estimate).

20th of October

Events that have occurred on the 20th of October:

  • October 20th, 1962: The Sino-Indian War bar begins when China launches two separate attacks on Indian forces.
  • October 20th, 1973: U.S. Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus are fired by President Richard Nixon after they refuse to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox.
  • October 20th, 1977: Lynyrd Skynyrd singer Ronnie Van Zant and guitarist Steve Gaines die in a plane crash in Gillsburg, Mississippi.
  • October 20th, 2011: Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is assassinated.
  • October 20th, 1968: Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy is married to Aristotle Onassis.
  • October 20th, 1976: Diego Maradona makes his professional debut.
  • October 20th, 1995: The movie Mallrats (1995) is released.
  • October 20th, 1999: Ireland: Former Taoiseach Jack Lynch passes away.
  • October 20th, 2006: The Prestige (2006) is released.
  • October 20th, 2007: South Africa win the 2007 Rugby World Cup after beating England 15-6.
  • October 20th, 2009: The song "Empire State of Mind" is released by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.


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Time Difference & Statistics

Here are some fun statistics about October 20th, 2020.

  • 68 days will pass between now and then.
  • 5,875,200 seconds will pass between now and October 20th, 2020.
  • Between now and then, your heart will beat 6,854,400 times.
  • Between now and October 20th, 2020, earth will travel approximately 3,031,603,200 miles through space.
  • Between now and then, your eyes will blink 979,200 times.
  • Between now and then, you will take 505,267 steps. That's about 225 miles!
  • 70,502 meteors will enter the earth's atmosphere between now and then!

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