Personality traits: July 29th, 1981.

Personality traits of people who were born on Wednesday, July 29th, 1981.

(+) Positive Traits

Positive personality traits and strengths for people born on July 29th, 1981.

  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Cheerful
  • Adventurous
  • Good sense of humor
  • Generous
  • Communicative
  • Versatile
  • Good with money
  • Hardworking
  • Inventive
  • Foresight
  • Warm-hearted
  • Leadership abilities

(-) Negative Traits

Negative personality traits and weaknesses for people born on July 29th, 1981.

  • Arrogant at times
  • Self-centered at times
  • Stubborn
  • Careless at times
  • Overcritical of themselves
  • Can be too critical of others
  • Lazy at times
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July 29th, 1981 fell on a Wednesday.

People who are born on Wednesday love to communicate.

In English, the word Wednesday comes the Old English phrase "day of Woden". Woden was the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of the Norse god Odin.

Amongst many things, Odin is associated with wisdom and knowledge.

People who are born on a Wednesday are ruled by Mercury. As a result, they are communicative, versatile and good with money.

Furthermore, they also love to travel and can be careless at times.

Their star sign is Leo.

The Leo is generous, creative and warmhearted.

The Leo is creative, passionate, generous and cheerful.

People born under this star sign are often warm-hearted and humorous.

Unfortunately, they can also be a bit arrogant, stubborn and lazy.

Celebrities with the zodiac sign Leo.

Celebrities and other notable figures that have the same star sign as you.

Usain Bolt

Born on August 21st, 1986
Star Sign: Leo

Gillian Anderson

Born on August 9th, 1968
Star Sign: Leo

Edward Norton

Born on August 18th, 1969
Star Sign: Leo

Fidel Castro

Cuban President. Deceased
Born on August 13th, 1926
Star Sign: Leo

They were born on the 29th.

In Numerology, it is believed that a person's birth date can reveal unique insights into their personality.

People born on the 29th are great at being able to see how everyone and everything are connected.

As a result, they have an amazing ability to bring different things together.

The Life Path Number for July 29th, 1981 is 1.

In Numerology, the Life Path Number reveals a person's greater purpose, as well their strengths and weaknesses.

People who have the number 1 as their Life Path Number love to lead.

They are hard working and full of energy. As the number suggests, they have a strong desire to be #1 in life.

These people are highly critical of themselves and of others. Furthermore, they cannot stand other people's laziness.

This kind of person is driven, inventive and creative. More importantly, they lead by example. However, they can also be arrogant and self-centered at times.

In many cases, they are also too hard on themselves.

Check out how this Life Path Number is calculated.

Celebrities with the Life Path Number 1.

Celebrities and other notable figures that have the same Life Path Number as you.

Chris Jericho

Born on November 9th, 1970
Star Sign: Scorpio

Tiger Woods

Born on December 30th, 1975
Star Sign: Capricorn

Edd Gould

British animator. Deceased
Born on October 28th, 1988
Star Sign: Scorpio

Caroline Flack

English TV presenter. Deceased
Born on November 9th, 1979
Star Sign: Scorpio

Birthstone & Birth Month Flower.

Details about this person's birthstone & birth month flower.


The birthstone is associated with words such as Nobility, Purity and Passion.

Larkspur / Water Lily

Birth Month Flower

Larkspur / Water Lily

Associated words:
Positivity, Dignity.

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July 29th, 1981

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