How many years ago was 1974?

1974 was 50 years ago.

Fifty years have passed between July 24th, 1974, and July 24th, 2024. It was 18,263 days ago.

How long ago was 1974?

To put into perspective how long ago 1974 was:

  • A person who turned 21 in 1974 is now 71 years of age.
  • The teenagers that existed in 1974 are now 63–69 years old.
  • Five decades have passed since then.
  • Movies came on VHS tapes.
  • America's involvement in the Vietnam War had only ended one years previously.
  • Although Personal Computers existed, they were far from being popular. The vast majority of offices were still using typewriters.
  • In 1974, nobody knew that AIDS existed.
  • The Moon is moving away from Earth at roughly 1.49 inches per year. That means that it has moved away by about 74 inches since 1974.
  • There have been roughly 2,600 weekends since then.
  • Names such as John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Spielberg, Ted Bundy, and the Bee Gees were not famous at the time.
  • Popular songs that year included the likes of "The Joker" by Steve Miller Band, "Show And Tell" by Al Wilson, "You're Sixteen" by Ringo Starr, "The Way We Were" by Barbra Streisand, "Love's Theme" by Love Unlimited Orchestra, and "Seasons In The Sun" by Terry Jacks.
  • Films such as "The Godfather Part II", "Death Wish", "The Trial of Billy Jack", "The Longest Yard", "Airport 1975", and "Cabaret" were playing at movie theaters in 1974.
  • The Earth has travelled 225 billion miles through space since 1974.
  • Post-it notes did not exist at the time.
  • Although microwave ovens existed, they were still too expensive for most homes.
  • The term "serial killer" hadn't been coined yet.
  • Due to the expansion of the Atlantic Ocean, the distance between the United States and Europe has grown 125 centimeters since 1974.
  • A person who was born that year has had roughly 100–150 colds in their lifetime.
  • The world has gone through 200 seasons of weather.
  • This was before Jimmy Hoffa went missing.
  • The Sony Walkman didn't exist in 1974.
  • Camcorders weren't a thing yet. Video cameras were heavy and often had to be mounted on special supports.
  • The afro hairstyle was popular at the time.
  • "Happy Days", "Good Times", "Little House on the Prairie", "Kolchak: The Night Stalker", "The Rockford Files", and "Police Woman" were among the TV shows that started airing that year.

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